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Home PC or laptop running slow, or having intermittant problems? Worried about viruses?
Contact us now, to give it some TLC and reliable protection, before precious data is lost forever.

Home Based Computer Users

Gone are the days when a computer was an unusual item in the home. Many homes now have more than one machine, with a mix of PCs, Macs, desktop computers and laptops not uncommon.

Home users do not always approach security, anti-virus and maintenance in the same way as their office-based counterparts, although we'd argue that they should.

Why not have one of the Computer Services team visit your home to take a look at your home computer set-up? We can advise on upgrades, maintenance and security or even design a webpage for your family or home business.  A computer system needs looking after, whether it's based at work or at home. Let us show you how to get the most from your home computers, and keep you and your family safe from online threats.


Popular Home PC Support Services

  • Anti-Virus
  • Firewall
  • multi computer networks
  • upgrades
  • security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • hard drive cleaning
  • performance enhancement

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Whether you're a home user staring at a blue screen or a small company with network needs, we have the expert knowledge and the right attitude to solve your computing needs. Why choose us...